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Wrinkled cloth

Linen Faux Pas

You know I always think a tablecloth makes every table look better. However, there is one exception. It is better…
table seating

Rule of Thumb on Table Seating

How many people should be seated at a table? The general rule of thumb is as follows, with the smaller…

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Rock Star Lapis

Who wants to be a ROCK STAR?

Rock Star Lapis is a magnificent display of nature in a bold Lapis Blue. The pattern and intensity of color…
Valentina Cypress


Valentina - a stunning woven diamond pattern. Valentina Cypress in hues of blue, teal and aqua looks spectacular with Roma…

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Stain Bar of Soap

Treating Fabric Stains

Did you know? It is important never to rub a fresh fabric stain with a bar of soap. Many stains can…

Dew Be Aware!

What is worse, soaking wet or simply damp fabric when it comes to mildew? Tablecloths do not have to be…

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Total Table has a new affiliate – Gala Cloths

We are very excited to announce that Gala Cloths of Reisterstown, MD is now an affiliate of Total Table Event Linen…
Yellow Tag

Color Coded Size Labels

Total Table started a new colored "size label" system on its hangers. These brightly color-coded labels will help our clients easily locate the…