The Promise of Spring

promise of springs - Ann

The snow is just about gone and on Tuesday, February 2nd, Punxsutawney Phil – the infamous weather forecasting groundhog - came out of his burrow to give his annual winter prediction. It’s going to be an early Spring! We hope you are inspired by our Promise of Spring selections.

Like the delicate flowers in a spring bouquet, our Promise of Spring linens will melt away your winter blues. Featured above are Amelia Sweet Grass, Hawthorne Mint, Callie Mint and Diamond Dust White linens. Each is available in 90″ Sq.

How to remove lipstick from fabric

Lipstick pic

You  know that bright red lipstick that they promise won’t kiss off on him, well it will definitely kiss off onto your new linen napkins. Rubbing alcohol, Dawn liquid and hairspray should be in your arsenal for attacking this difficult stain. Place the fabric stain side down onto a clean cloth for absorbing the lipstick and with a second white cloth soaked in rubbing alcohol dab at the stain.  Always start at the outer edge and work in. Replace the blotting and rubbing cloths as needed. For additional treatment soak the stain with Dawn liquid for 10 minutes and then repeat the blotting and rubbing. And lastly – spray the hairspray and let it set for 10 minutes and then wipe the stain with warm water.

Call Me Darling


Red Rose

Celebrate the season of romance with Total Table’s soft vintage, romantic Red Rose linens. Or, if you are going for a different look, we have a large selection of red linens to help you create that special look and feel of love.

IMG_1425 - Copy

Pictured above are Nottingham Red Damask, Darcy Garnet, Red Lava, Ribbon Roses Red and Galaxy Red Crush.


The Trouble with Real Burlap

burlap fabric

Burlap has made a big come back in the wedding tablecloth industry. Everyone loves the rustic look and adding white linen hemstitch toppers, lace or some bling completes the rustic chic theme that is currently popular.

So here is the skinny on burlap.  It looks great in photos! In person it can be a little smelly, almost like gasoline and it sheds. If you are using a burlap tablecloth to the floor for your guest tables and the event is black tie you can bet that all the men will be covered in the fine fibers of the burlap – making them look a little like chia pets – from the knees down. Just keep that in mind.  In addition it is difficult and often impossible to clean. Your washing machine will just make the fibers come loose and shed everywhere and please don’t ever put burlap in the dryer – it can catch fire.  You can dry clean burlap but it is expensive and not always effective.

Rodeo Faux Burlap

We carry the Rodeo Faux Burlap which I think is a wonderful alternative to the real thing. No smell, no shedding and it can be laundered.  (Rodeo Orange shown here.) Check it out!


Is this the new trend for 2016?

trend pic

On a recent trip I stumbled across some wildly fun and vibrant patterns and so I ask “Could these designs be the new trend for 2016?”  You be the judge!

These patterns are an explosion of color, pattern and fantasy. They’re fun, romantic, mystifying and bold. Are these pattern ideas trending or trouble?Magicalkarma

smashing      Groovy