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Wrinkled cloth

Linen Faux Pas

You know I always think a tablecloth makes every table look better. However, there is one exception. It is better to have no linen at all than to display a wrinkled tablecloth. There is a reason that irons were invented.
table seating

Rule of Thumb on Table Seating

How many people should be seated at a table? The general rule of thumb is as follows, with the smaller number being a comfortable seating arrangement and the higher number a tighter fit. 48" Round:   4-6 people 120" Round: 8-10 people 132" Round: 10-12 people…
Jupiter Orange

Decorative Tip for Tablecloths

When you use the same tableware daily, try varying the tablecloths to add interest to your settings. For example, use cheerful, bright-colored linens at breakfast and lunch. For dinner, create a more relaxed ambience with soft-colored linens. Shown above is Jupiter Orange - bright shades…
Delta Tables

Check Out This Optimal Table Configuration

Imagine a table configuration that would give each guest at your event an unobscured view at their table as well as of the entire room, allowing for more engagement, while increasing room occupancy and service staff efficiency. Delta Tables developed a solution to the limitations of…

Using Spandex For Your Events

Top your cocktail tables, high tops and banquet tables with Spandex. The stretchy fabric guarantees no wrinkles or bunching, resulting in a clean and professional display. Available in black and white. Black - rental size and price update: 30/36" Round Low Cocktail - $23.00 30/36"…
mason jars lemonade

Outdoor Ceremonies and Receptions

Here are a couple of tips to consider when planning an outdoor event. Tents are great for sheltering your guests from the elements like rain, wind and the sun. However, on those warm, sunny days it can get mighty hot under that tent, especially if…
Mr and Mrs.-2

Introducing Mr. and Mrs.

"Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication."  - Leonardo da Vinci Time stands still - ever so briefly - when a bride and groom say "I do".  Add a romantic, personal touch to the celebration with Total Table's simply timeless, white embroidered "Mr. and Mrs." Chivari Chair Backs.   …

Rock Candy Accents

  Want to have a little fun with your tablescape? Include a Rock Candy Stick in your napkin fold. The candy sparkles in low lighting and it's a perfect favor for your guests to take home.
trend pic

Is this the new trend for 2016?

  On a recent trip I stumbled across some wildly fun and vibrant patterns and so I ask "Could these designs be the new trend for 2016?"  You be the judge! These patterns are an explosion of color, pattern and fantasy. They're fun, romantic, mystifying…