The Facts About Spandex


  • Lycra is DuPont’s trademark name for Spandex. The word “spandex” (an anagram for the word “expands”) is used only in the United States while the term Elastane is recognized worldwide.
  • Known for its exceptional elasticity, this synthetic fiber is never used alone; it is always combined with other material, and as little as 2% of spandex can change the drape and feel of fabric.
  • There are two versions of spandex: 2-way stretch (length or width) and 4-way stretch (length and width).
  • Tip: Never, ever use chlorine bleach on spandex.



Laundry Symbols

care-labels-resized2Don’t those crazy little images on the care label of your new sweater look just like the ancient Egypt hieroglyphics?  Close! These are the instructions when laundering your new garment. Pay attention or your new wool sweater may become a pot holder. Here is a wonderful guide to all the laundry symbols you will need to know to properly launder your clothes.

Tablecloths and Outside Events

Outdoor event

Please do not put tablecloths out the night before your event as they will collect dew and be damp for your outdoor party. To avoid replacement/damage charges for mildew on linens, please remove the linens the night of the event. If left on tables overnight and then placed in laundry bags the damp linens will be moldy within a few hours. Also note that any decorations, such as rose petals and confetti, can create permanent stains and mildew on tablecloth fabric.

Bleach is your Frenemy

Bleach stain

Bleach is a harsh chemical. In a diluted form it is the only way to safely remove mildew from fabrics – as long as they are white. Using bleach on colors will have disastrous effects because along with removing the mildew it will also remove the color. Undiluted bleach and the repeated use of bleach on a fabric will degrade the integrity of the material eventually creating a hole.

Beware, there is bleach in your house that you don’t even think about and it will ruin your fabrics: acne creams, bath and kitchens cleaners that aren’t rinsed from counter tops and bleach in whitening toothpastes.Yes, that is how those lovely blue towels have bleach spots when you know you never used bleach on them but you did wipe that toothpaste off your chin with the towel didn’t you!

How to remove lipstick from fabric

Lipstick pic

You  know that bright red lipstick that they promise won’t kiss off on him, well it will definitely kiss off onto your new linen napkins. Rubbing alcohol, Dawn liquid and hairspray should be in your arsenal for attacking this difficult stain. Place the fabric stain side down onto a clean cloth for absorbing the lipstick and with a second white cloth soaked in rubbing alcohol dab at the stain.  Always start at the outer edge and work in. Replace the blotting and rubbing cloths as needed. For additional treatment soak the stain with Dawn liquid for 10 minutes and then repeat the blotting and rubbing. And lastly – spray the hairspray and let it set for 10 minutes and then wipe the stain with warm water.

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