Fabric Care and Facts

Sparkler Pic

Just Say No to Sparklers

Sparklers - they may be beautiful and provide a special "wow" factor at your event, however, they are not tablecloth friendly. The sparks will burn the tablecloths and delicate party dresses as well.  Just say "no" to sparklers.  Here are some alternative suggestions to sparklers:…

The Facts About Spandex

  Lycra is DuPont's trademark name for Spandex. The word "spandex" (an anagram for the word "expands") is used only in the United States while the term Elastane is recognized worldwide. Known for its exceptional elasticity, this synthetic fiber is never used alone; it is always combined with other material,…

Laundry Symbols

Don't those crazy little images on the care label of your new sweater look just like the ancient Egypt hieroglyphics?  Close! These are the instructions when laundering your new garment. Pay attention or your new wool sweater may become a pot holder. Here is a…

Tablecloths and Outside Events

  Please do not put tablecloths out the night before your event as they will collect dew and be damp for your outdoor party. To avoid replacement/damage charges for mildew on linens, please remove the linens the night of the event. If left on tables overnight…

Bleach is your Frenemy

  Bleach is a harsh chemical. In a diluted form it is the only way to safely remove mildew from fabrics - as long as they are white. Using bleach on colors will have disastrous effects because along with removing the mildew it will also remove the color. Undiluted…

How to remove lipstick from fabric

  You  know that bright red lipstick that they promise won't kiss off on him, well it will definitely kiss off onto your new linen napkins. Rubbing alcohol, Dawn liquid and hairspray should be in your arsenal for attacking this difficult stain. Place the fabric…

Flame Resistant vs. Flame Retardant

    Flame Resistant is a term to describe a fabric that burns slowly or will self-extinguish upon removal of an external flame. Flame Retardant is where a chemical is applied or incorporated into the fiber of the fabric which significantly reduces a fabric's flammability.

Performance Fabrics

  For over 45 years Sunbrella fabrics have been made in North Carolina. Known as a performance fabric because it repels water but continues to breath so moisture is not trapped, which could create mildew. It is stain resistant, fade-proof and low maintenance. Originally used…