Fabric Care and Facts

  • Allow your dryer to run on cool a few moments before removing cloths. If you let them sit in a hot dryer the heat will set in the wrinkles.
  • Towels have bleach spots? Acne creme and toothpaste contain bleach are to blame.
  • Pinking shears will keep fabric from fraying until you can sew it.
  • Fleece can be cut and not sewn as it will not fray.
  • Wool washed in hot water turns into felt. This process can not be reversed.
  • Three key elements of cleaning: water temperature, chemicals and agitation.
  • Bleach is not your friend. Use sparingly and always diluted. The bleaching effect of chlorine can not be reversed.
  • Try the product Simple Green to remove stubborn grease spots, it is a great degreaser but won’t foam up like Dawn liquid.

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