Tablecloth Measurements

It is easier than you think.

Read this post if you are looking to purchase a custom size table for your table.

Click here if you need information on the correct tablecloth sizes for standard rental tables.

First you need to measure your table.

Dining Room and Kitchen Tables

You will need to measure the width and length of your table as well as the drop. The width is the shortest measurement and the length is the longer measurement. To determine the drop measurement, it is easy if you just place a sheet or large towel on your table and allow it to hang to where you like the look. Now, measure this distance from the table top down to the bottom of the fabric to get your drop measurement
The average drop is between 8-12 inches. Remember to have your chairs in place so that you can see where the fabric will hit the seat with the chair pulled out or pushed in.
Too much fabric in your lap is a distraction and too little fabric in the drop looks like you got the wrong size. Remember that whatever drop you choose you must add this number twice to your measurements as you have to go down on both sides of the table. i.e. 36″ wide x 72″ long with a 10 inch drop is 36 +20 x 72 + 20. The tablecloth will be 56″ x 92″.

Remember you must double the drop measurement as you have to drop down on both sides of the width and both ends of the length.

_______width + ________drop on right +__________ drop of left =______________
_______length + ________drop on right + __________drop of left = _____________


______Diameter + _______drop of right + _________drop of left = _____________


Rental Tables. (Height of 30″) Tablecloths to the floor.

Take the diameter of your table, add 60 inches to that number and you have the correct tablecloth size. i.e. 48″ round plus 60″ = 108″ round tablecloth. (The 60″ represents the distance from the floor to the table top – 30 inches, and the table top to the floor on the other side – 30 inches.) Always remember that you have to go up, across and back down!

Rectangles and Squares:
Measure the width of the table and add 60 inches and measure the length of the table and add 60 inches. This is the size you  need to go to the floor i.e. Table top size is 36″ x 72″. Add 36″ wide +60 x 72″ long + 60= tablecloth size of 96″ x 132″. I always recommend that you have rounded corners on rectangular or square tablecloths that go to floor, otherwise the points will be too long.
#2. Rounded corners on full length rectangular or square tablecloths keep the points from dragging on the ground.

The size of your tablecloth depends upon the type of table you are trying to cover. If the table is a rental table with ugly legs you will want to cover it with a tablecloth that goes to the floor. In other words, you want to hide the legs. On the other hand, if we are talking about your dining room or kitchen table then we don’t need to go to the floor as the legs are decorative. Also, your home tables tend to have the legs on the outside corners and this will restrict the fabric from moving when your guests are seated and stretch out or cross their legs if your cloth goes to the floor. The ugly rental tables have the legs in the center of the table and therefore the fabric can easily move. Here is a general rule for choosing the right size tablecloth for table.


#1. Adding a few extra inches onto the length of the tablecloth is a good idea. All fabric shrinks when it is washed and it shrinks more in the length than width. By adding the extra 3-4 inches you will be sure that you don’t have a tablecloth that is too skimpy on the ends after a few washings.

#2.Rounded corners on full length rectangular or square tablecloths keep the points from

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