Little Dresses for Africa

My friend Patti just told me about the charity “Little Dresses for Africa” a few weeks ago and asked if I had any extra fabric so she could sew a dress to send to them. FABRIC? I have more fabric than almost anyone I have ever known and I have people who sew. What do you need?  After watching the video I was hooked.  Also known as pillow case dresses, most people send in the smaller sizes – so we are making the larger size dresses for the older girls from our fabric. And they couldn’t be easier to sew, just in case you want to do some of your own. We made 49 dresses this week – (Patti is making the 50th one)  and will send them out to Little Dresses for Africa on Monday.

We are thrilled to be able to Sew the seeds of hope for a little girl far away!





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