Printed Fabric

The Darcy pattern shown here is a classic “medallion” or “frame” pattern. Typically this pattern is  woven in the fabric and is known as a damask or Jacquard . It is very difficult to get the crisp contrast of intense color on a white background with a woven fabric due to the cross color threads inherent in the weaving process. We liked the pattern so much that we converted it to a printed pattern. By printing this pattern on white taffeta, we get a very clean crisp look that would not be possible if the pattern were woven. We printed this pattern in three colors: black on white, apple green on white and garnet red on white.  Each color way is  striking and makes a fabulous tablecloth statement.  When washing, drying and ironing printed patterns it is important not to exceed the heat setting originally used to set the print on the fabric. Although the manufactured heat setting is quite high it is possible to exceed that temperature with an iron. What happens? You can actually unset the ink on the fabric causing the ink to smear.  Although difficult to do to professionally printed fabric it is much easier to smear the ink on T-shirts that have been printed. It is impossible to fix this smear as when the ink cools it sets again.  Please don’t set you iron on high for printed ink items. And of course the other reason not to use an iron that is too hot is that it will just burn your fabric! All good reasons not to iron your cloths. I’m just saying!!!

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