Author: Patti Cullen

Entertaining Ideas

Rule of Thumb on Table Seating

How many people should be seated at a table? The general rule of thumb is as follows, with the smaller number being a comfortable seating arrangement and the higher number a tighter fit. 48" Round:   4-6 people 120" Round: 8-10 people 132" Round: 10-12 people…
Geometric Patterns

Belfast Chevron Seaglass

Total Table recently took a road trip to sunny Florida for a special event. Look how beautifully these Belfast Chevron Seaglass tablecloths tied in perfectly with the color of the ocean and the movement of the waves at this seaside resort. Call for sizing and…
New Patterns

Introducing Lilo and Stitch

Someone once asked how we came up with our pattern names. Although we wish we had a smart, well-studied research team to develop our names we just are not that clever. Sometimes we use the mill's name, cool paint color names, friend's names, our own…
Green to Turquoise


Belize - large tropical banana leaves in shades of green spread out all over tablecloth, printed on a faux linen look fabric. Contact us for sizes and pricing.
Entertaining Ideas

Decorative Tip for Tablecloths

When you use the same tableware daily, try varying the tablecloths to add interest to your settings. For example, use cheerful, bright-colored linens at breakfast and lunch. For dinner, create a more relaxed ambience with soft-colored linens. Shown above is Jupiter Orange - bright shades…
New Patterns

Luna Birch

Luna Birch is a faux burlap with a twist.  The woven floral pattern in white is a beautiful contrast with the natural light taupe faux burlap background. Contact us regarding custom sizing.