Table Pads – A Soft Touch

The best hotels and restaurants place pads under their tablecloths. A table pad provides a better drape for the tablecloth, muffles noise and creates a slight cushion from the hard surface and metal strapped edges of wooden tables as well as preventing pulls in the tablecloths…

Working Safer and Efficiently

Total Table recently purchased a new work tool for our warehouse. The new Wave Work Assist vehicle is a state-of-the-art productivity tool that allows staff to work safely and efficiently. It easily maneuvers through our warehouse aisles and reaches up to 17 feet high. Processing…

Out with the Old and in with the New!

Total Table has five linen ironers but just kicked its oldest ironer (above) out the door. Thanks for the memories old friend! The new ironer will ensure we continue to deliver top quality linens to your event. Welcome to the family new friend!

Total Table’s Cruising Around Town Drawing

Total Table just debuted its newest van to our fleet. Have you seen a Total Table van cruising around town?  If so, send an email to us with the date and location* and you will be entered into a drawing for 10% off your next business order.…

Total Table has a new affiliate – Gala Cloths

We are very excited to announce that Gala Cloths of Reisterstown, MD is now an affiliate of Total Table Event Linen Rental. This opportunity allows Gala Cloths to offer an inspiring and much broader inventory to it customers while enabling Total Table to expand its business…

Color Coded Size Labels

Total Table started a new colored "size label" system on its hangers. These brightly color-coded labels will help our clients easily locate the correct size linens when setting up for their events.

Dew Be Aware!

What is worse, soaking wet or simply damp fabric when it comes to mildew? Tablecloths do not have to be soaking wet to grow mildew! Actually, damp fabric will mildew faster than a soaking wet tablecloth. Add warm tempertures or a closed bag and you…

2016 Annual Garage Sale

  It's that time of the year when we move all of our older patterns and slightly damaged linens out of inventory and put them up for sale.  Please join us on March 28th, 29th and 30th between 10am and 4pm at 26 Industrial Boulevard…

Spring 2016 Swatch Packet

    We are excited to announce that our Spring 2016 swatch packet has arrived! Wait until you see the new colors and fun patterns we've added to our collection.  (Contact us if you haven't received your packet!)    
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