Dew Be Aware!

Moldy boot

What is worse, soaking wet or simply damp fabric when it comes to mildew?

Tablecloths do not have to be soaking wet to grow mildew! Actually, damp fabric will mildew faster than a soaking wet tablecloth. Add warm tempertures or a closed bag and you will have a mess of mildew on your hands which will result in replacement charges for those tablecloths.

How do you avoid being charged for midew on linens? Never bag damp or even slightly damp linens. Air dry damp linens before placing in a bag or leave unbagged if we are picking them up from you. You can call us to arrange an earlier pickup if you need to get the linens out of your venue. We are happy to do that for you. If you are returning via UPS, it is critical that the linens are dry. The UPS truck is like a hothouse in warmer temperatures and mildew loves moisture and heat.

Mildew can start to grow on a damp surface within 24 – 48 hours. And items left on a damp floor (such as the boot shown above) can result in mildew growth even though the item was not wet or damp. And please remember to scrape off any scrapable food product to avoid mold.

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